Thursday, August 31, 2006

And they wonder why conservatives hate trial lawyers...

Disgust, revulsion, nausea, anger...

These are just a few of the words that can be used to describe the emotions and feelings that resulted from scanning the Wednesday, Aug. 30 Lexington Herald-Leader.

Contained in that edition were at least three ads from law firms seeking to play on the grief of the Comair crash victims' survivors. The full-page ad from the out-of-state firm was probably the first one that caught everyone's attention, and was probably the most sickeningly worded, but watchful eyes were able to pick out two smaller but no less grossly disgusting ads.

All three ads carried basically the same message: "Make 'em pay! Sue the bastards!!!!! Teach 'em a lesson!"

And if you need proof that the Herald-Leader's ad department and editorial department do not communicate, there was an editorial blurb in that same paper urging lawyers to show restraint (and follow state law) in contacting survivors of the deceased.

If anyone ever wondered why lawyers in general, and trial lawyers in particular, have a bad name, look no further. We won't even get into the discusson of whether or not the paper should have published those ads. (It shouldn't have, on general principles). The fact that so soon after such a tragedy, some unscrupulous shysters would spend thousands of dollars on such a message in a grief-stricken community that is still reeling from the enormity of what happened Sunday morning, speaks volumes about the state of the legal profession today.

Officers of the court, my left tusk. (A little pachyderm lingo for you there). More like greedy disciples of the almighty dollar and general insensitive boors and boobs.

May those lawyers and any others who try to profit from the sad events of Sunday morning rot in hell.


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