Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fighting back against Stumbo: It's about time!

We note with much happiness the response by David Fleenor, the governor's general counsel, to the latest politically-motivated strike by the Office of the Attorney General against Gov. Fletcher. In a statement, Fleenor said he will ask the court to impose sanctions on Greg Stumbo for his misuse of his office and the court system to further his political agenda.

It's about time. The attorney general deserves rebuke for the way he has used his office for partisan political purposes, and he deserves scorn from every intelligent Kentuckian for the way he has conducted himself both personally and professionally.

The attorney general's name is, of course, Greg Stumbo but we like much better the moniker "Scumbo" that some conservative posters have been using on other blots. The name fits perfectly. We'll rejoice when Stumbo leaves public life when his term as attorney general ends.


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