Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hacking away at good government, one old-line Dem at a time

The latest appointment news out of Frankfort is that Charles Gevedon has been named deputy secretary of the Justice Cabinet.

Gevedon, 67, is a longtime veteran of the General Assembly, representing far western Kentucky in the House. He's spent the last three years as a top official in Attorney General Greg Stumbo's office.

Steve Beshear continues to select old dinosaur Democrat names and faces from way back for his key posts. This represents a regression to the bad old days that Kentucky voters sought to get away from only four years ago.

Appointing people like Gevedon and Joe Prather and other partisan hacks means that business will be done the same way it has always been done in state government. Anyone who really thinks Kentucky state government is a grand and glorious thing is living in a partisan wonderland.

We don't see a whole lot of young people with fresh new ideas and real suggestions for meaningful change in the bureaucracy being appointed.

Oh wait, there's one. Brooke Parker. But we all have a good idea how she moved up the ladder so quickly.


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