Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The new poster child for Kentucky's emerging loony left

Over the past several months, we've noticed the emergence of the radical left in Kentucky. Heretofore, about the only redeeming thing that could be said about Kentucky Democrats was that they were, for the most part, conservative. Their association with a corrupt and power hungry state and local party structure aside, they generally believed in the same God, family and country values as most conservatives.

During the past year, something's happened. The loony left has emerged in the Bluegrass State and is showing its lunacy. Mark Nickolas was a prime example in the weeks leading up to the gubernatorial election, but he's since gone pretty much silent (did he get committed to some asylum out in Montana or something?).

The Kentucky blogosphere gives prime examples of just how crazed the left is becoming. Visit sites like Bluegrass Roots, Ditch Mitch or Page One Kentucky and you can almost see the spittle flying off the lips of these moonbats. Some of the screeds that have shown up on Bluegrass Roots are beyond belief. Some of the pieces there trashing Christianity, Christmas and conservatism make you want to feel sorry for the person who wrote them, that they can really be that stupid and misguided.

That site is trying to make a Democrat activist from Paducah, Heather Ryan, into a martyr because she lost her job due to some incredibly bad judgment over a visit by Sen. Mitch McConnell to her place of employment. We made reference to this brewing controversy a few days ago but had no idea it would escalate into the brouhaha it has become.

Ryan's acts, which she has recounted herself on Bluegrass Roots, reek of sheer stupidity, but the most appalling thing is knowing that this foul-mouthed Navy vet sent her 12-year-old daughter out to ask McConnell why he wanted to kill her father (who is active duty military in Iraq).

If the poor little girl, who is running around the Purchase area with pink hair, really believes that McConnell wants her dad dead, then she has been brainwashed and someone ought to revoke Ryan's parental rights. From her own account of her actions, she doesn't appear stable enough to keep her children.

Other bloggers and commenters on the lefty blogs have been active in pointing out just where Ryan made her errors that led to her losing her job, so we won't reinvent the wheel. But we do think this whole episode is one of the best examples we've yet seen of the left wing lunatics in action.

If you're so inclined, go visit Bluegrass Roots for yourself and read the Ryan saga. Read her own words of how she sent her poor kid out to do her dirty work and discover what the radical left in this nation has become.

We have no sympathy for Heather Ryan for losing her job. She embarrassed her employers, she potentially endangered their federal funding, and she trotted out her kid to make her political points. The left is trying to claim that McConnell forced her firing, but we would hope that the board of directors of a public facility in Paducah would take steps to preserve their community image and their funding.

Heather Ryan makes an excellent poster child for the rabid ignorant left, don't you think? We sure do.


At 4:04 PM, January 22, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are completely right about her lunacy. I think, however, that the husband is not in Iraq - she referst to him being at a local law school.

At 4:13 PM, January 22, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Some of the screeds that have shown...trashing Christianity, Christmas and conservatism make you want to feel sorry for the person who wrote them, that they can really be that stupid and misguided."

You are very much talking about different things, seperate god from conservatism. Don't act like we should take your example of what god is and I will be happier to read what you are writing. If you are an example of what I am suppose to want or want to be then I feel really sorry for you. I am glad that others are turning back to the right direction which is away from being god themselves and letting everyone that wants to have a personal relationship with whatever god they want too, if that is their choice have one. That has to be a far better way to see it and go about it, don't you agree? NO one is God! Also without a personal relationship to whatever god is your choice, is simply no more then bigotry!

At 12:45 PM, January 23, 2008, Blogger K-Pac II said...

Anon 1, her current husband is in law school. Heaven Chamberlain (Heather's pink-haired daughter's) father is in Iraq. Hence Heather telling Heaven to claim that McConnell wants to kill Heaven's daddy.

Anon 2, we aren't trying to combine God and conservatism. However we are social Christian conservatives here at this blog. We are referring specifically to a poster named "SarahG" at Bluegrass Roots who wrote some of the most vile things we have ever seen about Rep. Stan Lee back in December, and another post referring to Christmas that appeared prior to the holidays.


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