Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Crit Luallen, highway engineer?

Crit Luallen...

State auditor, former cabinet secretary, erstwhile Senate candidate, cancer survivor, highway engineer.

Highway engineer?

Well, it appears that way, given that Luallen's office issued a report scalding the Transportation Cabinet over its bridge inspection program.

New Transportation spokesman Chuck Wolfe was diplomatic in his response to Luallen, but he has to be. After all, a spokesman for the Democrat governor's Transportation Cabinet can't be too critical of the Democrat auditor. Party loyalty among the Party Of The Ass and all, you know.

But had this audit been released while Ernie Fletcher was still governor, we know exactly how former Transportation spokesman Doug Hogan should have responded:

"When Ms. Luallen gets her P.E. certification, then she'll be qualified to critique our bridge inspection program. Until then she should just stick to accounting matters."

But since Mr. Hogan is no longer with the cabinet, we'll say it for him but less diplomatically:

"Critter, you are unqualified to do anything more than count dollars, and you're marginally qualified to do that. So shut up and go back to hiding your party cronies' financial tricks while picking on every elected Republican official out in the state with your partisan-motivated audits. The only thing you know about a bridge is what you learned from playing cards."


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