Saturday, June 07, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: More evidence that the Fletcher grand jury was tainted and corrupt?

In the comments section of a post on PolWatchers discussing recent changes made by Little Jackie Conway in the Office of Attorney General, including the elimination of the Kentucky Bureau of Investigation, the integrity and professionalism of KBI investigator John Dudinskie is called into question. Seems that Dudinskie is a defendant in a lawsuit filed in Russell County relating to his conduct in an investigation into public corruption in Jamestown. A cursory review of information available about this situation reveals that he even had a restraining order filed against him prohibiting him from contacting certain witnesses in the corruption case.

Seems to us that when a judge prohibits a law enforcement officer or official investigator from talking to witnesses, that's a pretty severe step and a good indication that something is rotten in Denmark -- or in this case, the Lake Cumberland area.

When we saw this discussion, red flags went up. "Dudinskie" isn't exactly a common name in Kentucky, and we knew we'd seen that name recently.

Turns out that someone with the same unusual last name was a member of the special grand jury that spent months indicting Gov. Ernie Fletcher and members of his administration for doing what had been official office policy in the preceding 32 years of Democrat rule in Frankfort, and when what the Fletcherites were trying to do was actually END the practice of political patronage hiring that had plagued this state for decades.

Tuyen Minh Thi Dudinskie, a female born on Nov. 1, 1968, is a registered Democrat. She lives at 105 Kensington Lane in Frankfort, an address so new the street doesn't even appear on Google Maps, Mapquest or Yahoo Maps. This residence must be on Frankfort's west side, since she votes at the National Guard Armory on Louisville Road.

We have no way of knowing if Tuyen Dudinskie has any connection to John Dudinskie, but we'd be willing to put a significant sum of money on it. There was a John Dudinskie who retired from the Frankfort Police Department a couple of years ago (thanks to that PolWatchers thread for giving us a link to that tidbit of info) and we suspect that they are, if not the same person, connected to one another. Again, Dudinskie's not a common name in Franklin County. We'd expect to run into a few Dudgeons and Shryocks in Frankfort, but not a lot of Dudinskies.

We don't have immediate access to property ownership or tax records in Franklin County to know anything about 105 Kensington Lane, such as who owns it. shows no phone listings for anyone named Dudinskie in Frankfort. But we'd certainly wager a significant sum that there is a definite close connection between John Dudinskie, accused rogue KBI agent, and Tuyen Dudinskie, grand juror.

If true, it's yet another powerful argument that the special grand jury was tainted and the indictments were illegitimate. It's also another very good reason why the court made a serious error when it sealed the juror information sheets, which would have revealed if there was any close connection between Tuyen and John Dudinskie.

We welcome any input on this matter, such as copies of deeds or tax information from Franklin County. We'd love to see joint ownership of property by John and Tuyen Minh Thi Dudinskie. It would be more proof that Ernie Fletcher and members of his administration were wrongly prosecuted for political purposes.


At 10:58 AM, June 10, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Run John Dudinskie through lexis nexis and you will see he is at the same address.

At 7:45 PM, June 10, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very interesting. Very very interesting.


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