Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Legislators moving forward with reining in KHSAA

It appears that both the state Board of Education and the General Assembly are looking at ways to get control of the rogue Kentucky High School Athletic Association, which insists on punishing schools that obey court orders regarding the eligibility of student-athletes.

The Herald-Leader reports today that the state board and a legislative subcommittee will be looking into the practices of the KHSAA during hearings this month.

Of course this story wouldn't be complete without some whining from KHSAA chair Brigid DeVries, who claims that it's not fair to a school playing against another school for which an athlete competes under a court order requiring the school to do so.

Well, Brigid, why can't the opposing school seek a countering court order?

It's good to see some attention called to the arbitrary and unfair nature of the KHSAA rules, which put school officials in between the sports sanctioning body and Kentucky's courts.


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