Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"Valeria from Lexington, Ky."

Shortly before the 5 p.m. EST hour on Tuesday, Sean Hannity took a call on his radio show from a woman who identified herself as "Valeria from Lexington, Ky." She was very hostile and argumentative toward Hannity, and basically was angry at him for doing something on one-tenth the scale of what liberals have been doing to President Bush and conservatives for the past eight years.

Valeria from Lexington sounded suspiciously like Valeria Cummings, former WKYT-TV reporter and anchor and now one of the liars and spinners employed by the public relations department of the Beshear administration, specifically Finance Secretary Jonathan Miller.

If so, let's hope that Valeria Cummings doesn't talk to Kentucky reporters the same way that Valeria from Lexington talked to Hannity.

It's funny to watch the leftists squirm when Hannity and other conservative commentators point out truisms about B. Hussein Obama, yet they continue to exhibit symptoms of Bush Derangement Syndrome right up until Bush's term comes to an end in a couple of months. Haranguing Hannity for telling the truth about Obama and his relationship with terrorists and radicals and anti-American racists, while at the same time being part of the "Bush lied and people died" crowd, just won't cut it.

If anyone can confirm that Hannity's caller was indeed Valeria Cummings, please let us know. We'll immediately call on Miller to fire her for being ignorant and a liar.


At 5:31 PM, November 28, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I emailed Sean Hannity radio show to see if we can get the clip. If I get it, I'll email so you can post it

At 7:15 PM, December 02, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is Valeria Cummings smart enough to use a telephone and listen to the radio at the same time?


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