Thursday, January 25, 2007

"ic" is right!!!!

What silly little thing has the Democrats' panties in a wad these days?

They get miffed anytime the word "Democrat" is used when they think the word "Democratic" is appropriate.

They don't want it referred to as the "Democrat primary," they insist that it be called the "Democratic primary."

From posts on Democrat blogs to national newspaper stories, Democrats are going apoplectic whenever those two letters are left off. They perceive it as the highest of insults -- almost worse than if you called them mother-you-know-what-ers.

But there couldn't be two more appropriate letters for them to be upset about. "IC" (or "Ick" if you prefer) is exactly what we think when we think of Democrats or their agenda for Kentucky and the nation.

"Ic" indeed...


At 10:24 PM, January 30, 2007, Anonymous ConservativePatriot said...

Democrats know that the last four letters of Republican ends in "I Can". They are trying to avoid being called exactly what they are, the last four letters of DemocRATS!


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