Friday, February 16, 2007

Goettl gets it!

We want to take our hats off to Brian Goettl, county attorney in Jessamine County and one of the outspoken commentators at The Conservative Edge. Mr. Goettl shows an outstanding ability to comprehend and analyze political events, especially as they relate to the hiring investigation and the governor's race.

For a synapsis of exactly how perceptive he is, read the comments section on this post and see his rebuttal to an obvious Northup supporter who posted on Conservative Edge.

Specifically, this one:
"Finally, while it's clear that Governor Fletcher is the most qualified candidate for the position and in my view more electable then Northup, (which negates her entire campaign thesis), that is not why I have defended him. I have defended him, because precious few other Republicans have. I have yet to see a letter to the editor from party leaders like yourself, going after Stumbo. In fact, I have yet to hear Northup or Hoover comment on Stumbo let alone criticize him. If you have been reading this site for the last eighteen months, you would have known that what Northup and her supporters have done, is exactly what Stumbo and the Frankfort Democratic establishment wanted. Stumbo didn't care about the merit system, the Democrats have been abusing it for years, he cared about attacking the growing strength of the GOP. When Northup and her supporters attack Fletcher, they are carrying out the bidding of the Democrats. So, support Northup all you want. Greg Stumbo is enjoying the ride. "

Some of you scoff when we say Greg Stumbo is laughing at the dissent within the Kentucky Republican ranks? This squabble is exactly what Stumbo wanted to see when he took Doug Doerting's evidence instead of saying, "Go see the Personnel Board, their office is over at Fountain Place."

Mr. Goettl has a firm grip on reality. He certainly gets it in regards to the merit system hiring investigation. We tip our hats to him for a job well done!


At 6:01 PM, February 16, 2007, Anonymous JakeBristo said...

You are all in the tank for Fletcher. Its sad... Four more years of politics as usual.

At 10:08 PM, February 17, 2007, Blogger K-Pac II said...

If that's the phrase you want to use, fine. We're in the tank for Fletcher. We support his governorship and his re-election candidacy 100 percent. It would take clear and convincing evidence that he had done something wrong for us to change that viewpoint, and to this point we haven't seen said evidence. All we've seen is a handful of misdemeanor indictments in an unprecedented prosecution returned by a partisan prosecutor and a grand jury dominated by Democrats and merit system employees, backed by an attorney general with political motivations and aspirations. That's not enough for us to turn against Ernie Fletcher; indeed it emboldens and strengthens our support and defense of him against all enemies, foreign (the Democrats) and domestic (disloyal Republicans).


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