Monday, February 19, 2007

Religion and political candidates: OK for discussion of presidential candidates but not gubernatorial candidates?

In the mainstream media, we've read quite a bit about the religion of one announced Republican presidential candidate.

Anyone who pays attention to politics now knows that Mitt Romney is a Mormon. Story after story has appeared in the press about this subject, and Romney's faith has even been the subject of polls -- as in, "Would you vote for a Mormon for president?"

No one's crying foul over this. No one is upset and saying that questions about Romney's faith have no business in a political campaign on the issues.

Yet once again, the Democrat double standard is at work.

In the Kentucky media, not once have we seen any in-depth analysis of the fact that Jonathan Miller, Democrat state treasurer and gubernatorial candidate, is a Jew. No one is doing polls on whether or not Kentuckians would vote for a Jew for governor. No one is talking about how, or if, Miller's Jewish faith would influence his policy decisions.

Those same interests who have derided President Bush and Gov. Fletcher for being men with deep beliefs in the Christian faith are oddly silent about Miller's religion.

And what's worse, anyone who has raised questions about it on Kentucky's so-called "progressive" blogs have been labeled as anti-Semitic.

To us, what's good for the goose is good for the gander. If Romney's religion is going to be open to scrutiny by the press and the public as he pursues the office of president, then it's only fair that Miller get the same scrutiny in Kentucky. Conversely, if Miller's religion is out of bounds for discussion, then so too should Romney's be.

Could it be that Miller is the preferred choice of the so-called "progressives" and liberals in Kentucky, and they know that in a conservative Christian state like Kentucky, a Jewish candidate would have difficulty being elected governor?

Surely not. This blatant double standard has to be purely coincidental. Has to be. There's no other logical explanation .... is there?


At 9:55 PM, May 24, 2012, Anonymous Promoting tolerance said...


Political candidates on both sides of the aisle used religion as a political tool. It is one of the most cherished liberties and highest priorities. Thanks a lot....


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