Friday, March 16, 2007

Joe Whittle smoking Gatewood's stash? His stupid comments would indicate so

Has Joe Whittle raided Gatewood Galbraith's stash and fired up a joint or two?

From the sound of a comment he recently made to the Associated Press's Roger Alford, we certainly have reason to believe that's the case

In a story about the continued fallout from the GOP split, Whittle claims that he took great umbrage at Gov. Fletcher's issuance of pardons.

Whittle said he was repelled by Fletcher's issuance of pardons to everyone on his staff who had been or might later be indicted by the grand jury. Whittle said those pardons prevented Kentuckians from ever knowing the truth about the state hiring scandal.

"That really bothered me," he said.

Surely Whittle does not believe the truth would have ever come from an investigation directed by a Democrat political hack with partisan motivation and his own record of merit system violations, conducted by a top supporter and donor to Fletcher's opponent's campaign, and bolstered by a grand jury made up mostly of merit system employees and Democrats.

If he does, then quick, somebody make Whittle go pee in a cup so we can find out what he's been smoking.

For the record, we know the truth. Fletcher determined that several of his staff members made some mistakes in the hiring process and as a result, they were fired. However, he did not believe that their mistakes rose to the level of criminal activity, thus the pardons.

In light of the way that this state's Republicans are treating their incumbent governor, we are really starting to wonder if the GOP deserves to keep the governorship if this group succeeds in defeating Fletcher in the primary.

In the meantime, don't let Whittle behind the wheel of a vehicle anytime soon.


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