Friday, March 30, 2007

See, we told you so!

We knew that the media coverage of the recommendation that fired Transportation Cabinet probationary employee Mike Duncan be reinstated would not mention the fact that the hearing officer had financially supported Ben Chandler in 2003.

Duncan asserted, and hearing officer John C. Ryan agreed, that Duncan was let go because he supported Ernie Fletcher's opponent in the 2003 gubernatorial election.

The fact that Chandler supporter Ryan sided with Chandler supporter Duncan is certainly worthy of mention in the press, in the interests of full disclosure. Had Ryan been a Fletcher contributor and had he sided against Duncan, you'd better believe that tidbit would've been splashed all over the papers.

That the Fletcher-hating press ignored this highly relevant fact is one thing. But the Courier-Journal's editorial today on the subject crosses the line.

Believe it or not, despite documented and factual evidence to the contrary, the Courier calls the hearing officer "a neutral fact-finder."

So in the immortal words of Rush Limbaugh, "See, We Told You So!" The Fletcher-haters are as easy to predict as the sun coming up each morning.


At 9:29 PM, March 30, 2007, Blogger jefferson poole said...

You're nuts. It's not mentioned in the press because it doesn't matter. Chandler is irrelevant. I told Baghdad Brian this and he said something about full disclosure. What is it with you people? What if they both gave money to Kerry or Bush? What if they both donated money to the same charity, go to the same church, work in the same profession, or drive the same kind of car? Should we be talking about that, too?

At 11:04 PM, March 30, 2007, Blogger K-Pac II said...

Obviously you are too blinded by your hatred of Fletcher to realize that it DOES matter. There is an appearance of impropriety and if this had been a criminal case, the judge would have been forced to recuse if the judge hadn't volunteered to on his own.

The appeal was not formed on the assertion that Duncan was fired because he attended a certain church or supported a certain charity. It was formed on the assertion that he was fired because he supported a certain candidate. The person who agreed with his assertion also supported the same candidate.

If Ryan had been a Fletcher contributor and/or supporter and had ruled in favor of Transportation, the media would have been crying foul.

The fact is that Nighbert gave clear and compelling justification for firing Duncan and that evidence was totally ignored by one Chandler supporter protecting another Chandler supporter.


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