Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Still no takers to our challenge

In his hurried critique of the first Fletcher re-election campaign ad last week, Courier-Journal editor David Hawpe again dredged up allegations of state merit system employees being fired for political reasons.

That reminds us that so far, no one has yet been able to meet our challenge of naming one merit employee with status who was illegally fired due to politics.

Our challenge is still out there and we are still anxiously awaiting someone to post or e-mail with details of such a dismissal.

Remember, we want names, positions and details of the circumstances, not just generalities.

C'mon, Stumboites and Northupians. As much posturing and mouthing as you've been doing, surely you know someone. Surely you wouldn't repeat lies in an attempt to bring Gov. Fletcher down, now would you?

We're waiting.......


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