Friday, November 02, 2007

Larry Dale Keeling: A portrait of foolishness

We constantly scratch our heads and the offerings that Larry Dale Keeling, Lexington Herald-Leader columnist, blogger and editoral board (or idiotorial board, as we like to call it) member, gives us in print when he deigns to share his "wisdom" with us.

But we marvel at what the paper printed in Thursday's installment of "KyKurmudgeon," Keeling's blog. Keeling is no fan of Gov. Fletcher and misses no opportunity to bash him, but sometimes we wonder if Keeling even stops to think about what he writes.

On Thursday, Keeling was discussing the so-called "hit list" of Transportation Cabinet employees allegedly identified for personnel actions for political reasons. Keeling says that he learned this week that the "hit list" was contained in a box of documents that Transportation officials turned over to the attorney general's office in response to a subpoena. Keeling says this was "typical of the ineptness that so often has been the trademark of this administration."

However, we can only imagine what Keeling's indignant response would have been had the Transportation Cabinet failed to turn over that document, or even worse, destroyed it. Disgraced former Transportation administrator Dan Druen was indicted for allegedly shredding documents relevant to the investigation. Would Keeling have preferred that it be shredded too?

You can't have it both ways, Keeling. You and others have accused the administration of stonewalling the investigation, yet you criticize them for properly responding to a subpoena. So which is it? Which action do you prefer?


At 11:42 AM, November 13, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keeling is a hack. One can only wonder why they decided he was somehow qualified to criticize executive goverment leadership? He has zero experience in state government, zero experience as a political consultant, zero education in public policy, zero experience at anything other than driveling over a computer keyboard. I guess that's all the Herald Leader demands of their editorial staff.


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