Thursday, January 24, 2008


Steve Beshear's much-hyped Tuesday personnel announcement? A woman will be heading the state Department of Corrections.


Meanwhile, Jonathan Miller and his gal pal Brooke Parker are laughing all the way to their Las Vegas hotel room and to the bank respectively, because no one is investigating the illegal way Miller's questionable pay increases granted to Parker have been justified.

Where are you, Little Jackie Conway? We're still waiting for you to show us you're not a partisan hack and boob and investigate this travesty.


At 7:57 PM, January 24, 2008, Anonymous honestabe said...

I have asked this before and i will ask it again...Does the Republican faithful not have an attorney that can fight this travesty on behalf of the citizens of ky. i.e lawsuit?

At 9:31 PM, January 24, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a situation that cries out for Larry Forgy's involvement. He's a practicing attorney.


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