Monday, March 03, 2008

Democrats bemoan the results of their own policies

Two of Kentucky's leading Democrats, Gov. Steve Beshear and Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson, were quick to react with unhappiness at this morning's news that Ford will eliminate the second shift at its Louisville plant due to lagging sales of the pickup trucks and SUVs manufactured there.

Why are sales declining? Not coincidentally, another record price was set for oil this morning. As the price of gas goes up, people steer away from larger vehicles that burn more fuel in favor of econo-boxes that get a zillion miles to the gallon at the sacrifice of occupant comfort and safety.

We find it funny that the Democrats are lamenting the loss of jobs at the Ford plant when their party's policies are the cause of the layoffs, and the cause of higher oil prices that ultimately led to the layoffs.

Democrats like to say that Republicans are in bed with "big oil," but we'd remind them that it's not the Republicans that are standing in the way of new drilling and exploration that would increase the supply of oil, especially domestic oil, and thus reduce the price. Republicans aren't implementing onerous environmental regulations that have inhibited the building of new refineries in the continental United States that would increase the gasoline supply and make prices less vulnerable to outside influences such as weather and refinery explosions. Republicans don't insist on the sale of expensive reformulated blends in certain areas. And Republicans aren't pushing for higher corporate average gas mileage standards that discourage the production of big vehicles and encourage the manufacturing of econo-boxes.

So as you see and hear Beshear, Abramson and other Democrats cry crocodile tears about the loss of jobs, keep in mind that their fellow Democrats are the ones responsible, through their policies that discourage the increased domestic pumping of oil and production of gasoline. Maybe those UAW members at the Ford plant in Louisville ought to keep that in mind, as well, the next time their union leaders endorse the likes of Beshear or John Yarmuth or Bruce Lunsford.


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