Friday, June 20, 2008

A golden business opportunity, ripe for the picking

In recent months, dating back to before the November gubernatorial election, we began seeing a lot of little oval stickers on vehicles. Emblazoned with the kicking jackass KDP logo of the Kentucky Democratic Party, the stickers also have the text, "Democrats Do It Better."

"Do what better," we're prone to ask. "Chronically mismanage the state to which voters have entrusted them for 36 out of the last 40 years?" But that's beside the point.

A more recent phenomenon is the amount of voter's remorse many Steve Beshear backers are expressing. We've heard lots of tales, and the number grows every week, of die-hard Democrats renouncing their vote, vowing to support an intra-party challenger in the spring of 2011 and the Republican challenger if Beshear wins re-nomination, and even wishing they had Ernie Fletcher back as governor.

These two unrelated phenomena, put together, strike us as a gold mine ready to be plundered.

Some enterprising bumper sticker printer needs to put out some kind of GOP logo identity stickers. They can use the red and blue elephant that adorns the state and national party sites. There can be a variety of slogans to reflect the attitude of even the most discerning Republican.

There could be the typical "Republican and Proud of It!" If you want to show some state pride, you could try "Proud Kentucky Republican" with the logo inside a state outline. If you, like us, are a bit disgusted with a lot of the leading Republicans in the state, try "Proud Conservative Republican" instead to tick your RINO friends off. Stick a needle in the eye of the people who are trying to chase the social conservatives out of the party with "Proud Christian Republican." Or be intellectually honest and try one that says, "I'm a Republican Because I'm Smart" or "Show Your Intelligence, Vote Republican" or any number of other possibilities that reflect the mental superiority of conservatives and the status of conservatism as the wise choice of philosophy.

The possibilities are endless.

This same entrepreneur could cash in on the anti-Beshear sentiment sweeping the state with stickers reading "Don't Blame Me, I Voted For Fletcher." Those who are suffering voter's remorse could opt for, "I Wish I Had Voted For Fletcher." Or if you want to capture the sentiment from a long-ago U.S. Senate race, those who voted for Beshear but now regret it could put a "I got Besheared" sticker on their bumper; those who lament the choice the state's electorate made could opt for a "Kentucky Got Besheared" message.

C'mon. There has to be some Republican entrepeneur out there who would print and sell these stickers. If someone takes the plunge, we'll even give you free advertising on this blog and will promote your product among other Kentucky conservative bloggers.

How about it? We here at KPac are dying to put some of these stickers on our cars and trucks. One of our collaborators went out and found an unused Fletcher-Rudolph sticker and put it back on his SUV during the legislative session. He really wants a "Don't Blame Me..." sticker. Another of us wants a "Proud Conservative Republican" logo sticker for her car. There's a ready-made market for the right business owner, and we'll give free promotion in addition to being one of your biggest customers.


At 3:36 PM, June 21, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

???"the mental superiority of conservatives and the status of conservatism as the wise choice of philosophy"???

You ought to realize that you're not going to effect any changes in opinions or attitudes if you're going to offend people like this. You become a cheerleader with this stuff. The only people that are going to agree with you already agreed with you, and those that don't agree with you are going to ignore your viewpoint, or despise your viewpoint that much more. I mean, what are you talking about here? Bumper stickers? Geez. C'mon.

At 5:48 PM, June 21, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw that Democrats Do It Better bumper sticker all around Philadelphia, a city long governed by Dems and now referred to fondly as Killadelphia. Great public schools, safe streets, low crime, low poverty, just like Dem governed Washington D.C. Yea, Democrats do it better.

At 7:54 PM, June 21, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

SUV? Right now, at this moment, if I went out and filled up my gas tank, I would be worried whether I had enough money to make it to the end of the week. The thing that probably will save me is that I plan to take Friday off.

"One of our collaborators went out and found an unused Fletcher-Rudolph sticker and put it back on his SUV during the legislative session."

I am registered as a Democrat, and I think Flether was a great guy. I think he tried to do the right thing. I voted for him. I volunteered with his campaign, both in the primary and the general election. It is not fair to paint him with a nationwide - presidential-wide Republican brush. This two-party system has its drawbacks. Surely, somebody out there has the best interests of the general populace in mind?

At 5:23 PM, June 22, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon at 3:36...

Sorry Charlie, but you're wrong. Conservatism is the philosophy of thought and logic. Liberalism is the philosophy of emotion. Liberals see some situation and scream,"OH NO, SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING!!!! HEY GOVERNMENT, HELP!!!!" Conservatives look at it and analyze and ask, "Is this a proper function of government? Is this something government should do, or is this outside the scope and intent of government and is it best handled by the private sector or by charities or non-profits?"

Conservatism is the intellectual choice.

Your friends at KPac


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