Monday, September 22, 2008

Proof that the Beshear administration is a bunch of liars and vengeful Democrat hacks

For months now, as Gov. Steve Beshear and longtime Democrat hack turned Transportation Secretary Joe Prather have whined and cried about the budget, they have stated over and over again that no projects have been cut.

Even though we knew that was a total and complete lie, we heard the current administration repeat that line over and over again, and even watched an initiative called "Practical Solutions" be adopted that virtually guarantees reductions in what longtime planned projects haven't been axed from the six-year road plan.

But now comes word that the Beshear administration actually has cut a project. This project is for the reconstruction of KY 61 in Adair County, and would actually link two segments of the highway that have already been rebuilt or relocated.

We don't think it's a coincidence that this project is in a Republican county.

We also don't think it's a coincidence that KY 61 in Adair County leads from Columbia to Burkesville, home of Republican State Sen. President David Williams. In fact, we see this particular project cancellation as a direct slap in the face to Williams, who's had the audacity to stand up to Beshear and his band of hacks and liars.

This is twice now that Beshear and Prather have acted in a petty manner toward Williams, The first time, they cut back a project intended to widen and straighten a very deadly segment of highway in Cumberland County. (We had some thoughts on that decision as well.) Now, they're leaving unfinished a vital part of the highway system that links Cumberland County to the rest of the state.

Beshear and Prather are playing politics with the economic well-being and driving safety of Kentuckians. At least now they and their spin doctors won't be able to claim that no projects have been cut. And we can't wait to see how Sen. Williams will strike back.


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