Thursday, September 04, 2008

Stumbo puts his dishonesty, lack of integrity on display again

In a Herald-Leader online story about political contributions made by indicted highway construction contractor Leonard Lawson, there's an especially disgusting comment from one Gregory "Deadbeat Drunken Dad" Stumbo that's particularly galling.

“Leonard Lawson has been a friend of mine for well over 30 years,” Stumbo said. “I think he’s entitled to be presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.”

The hypocrisy in Stumbo's comment is not to be believed. After all, he is the one who made the comment that "As far as I'm concerned, Darrell Brock is a common criminal" after Stumbo's office indicted Brock in the state hiring investigation. Attorney General Stumbo certainly did not have the same opinion about the presumption of innocence as State Rep. Stumbo does.

But then again, it's Greg Stumbo we're talking about, a being that has no morals or ethics, so nothing is surprising with him. When you cheat on your wife, father a child with the mistress, refuse to pay child support for the illegitimate son, then sue the mistress for harassment when she tries to collect the back child support, then you aren't much of a man. When you cut shady deals with incumbent representatives to get your old House seat back after your term as AG is over, your thirst for power and your lack of integrity comes front and center.

The only difference between Greg Stumbo and a bag of manure is the bag. That the people of Floyd County keep electing him is a head-scratcher (guess it's further proof of how inadequate and corrupt Floyd County public schools have historically been) and that the Democrats in the General Assembly would even consider giving him a leadership role is beyond belief.

If Greg Stumbo had any honor or shame, he'd go to the top of Maggie Mountain and never come back, sending Mary Karen out for bologna, potato chips, cheese and bread when he gets hungry, and a case of beer every 12 hours.


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