Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Update on timesheet fraud probe in Transportation Cabinet; and more misdeeds by patronage hires

Last May, we reported that Kentucky State Police were conducting interviews in connection with timesheet fraud by employees of a county garage in the Transportation Cabinet's Department of Highways.

Nine months later, the probe hasn't given birth to any indictments -- yet -- but there have been some actions taken as a result of the probe.

The employee responsible for the scheme was fired. Transportation took preliminary steps to fire another employee believed to be involved in the scandal, but scrapped those plans and welcomed him back when it was determined he had no involvement. And finally, the foreman at the garage in question was strongly encouraged to retire, and he heeded that advice.

We are hearing that criminal charge may yet be filed in this matter, but to date none have been.

In other news involving the Transportation Cabinet, an employee who is the grandson of a deceased longtime county Democrat chair and patronage boss in his native area was also given strong encouragement to resign earlier this month, and he heeded that advice. He was given that advice due to drug use, sleeping on the job and theft of state property. No charges are expected to be filed because he returned the missing property, but evidence of his other misdeeds was too great to be ignored.

This young man and the individuals referenced above in the timesheet were all products of the patronage system the Democrats have run in state government, especially in Transportation, for decades. The major qualification for all of them to be hired was the box they checked on their voter registration form.


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