Saturday, March 21, 2009

Election fraud indictments: Is Perry County next?

Even though all the media attention is being given to this week's election fraud indictments in Clay County, that may be just the tip of the iceberg.

We're hearing of a joint federal-state investigation into vote buying in Perry County, just 45 minutes up the Hal Rogers Parkway from Clay County. This investigation involves payments made by local Democrat party officials to local residents prior to the 2008 general election. While investigators are giving the standard "neither confirm nor deny" non-answer when asked about the matter, folks in and around Hazard are coming forth to say they have been subpoenaed to testify in front of a grand jury.

Although the local party chair says nothing was done wrong, we'll just have to wait and see. The Democrat chair in Perry County is also on the county school board, which is awash in controversy over the closing of an elementary school, the looming possibility of a state takeover, and fallout from allegations that the school superintendent possessed child pornography on his district-owned computer.

Don't forget that Perry County is home of Lt. Gov. Dan Mongiardo, who so far is the only Democrat who's announced that he wants to take on Jim Bunning in next year's U.S. Senate race.

We note two things from this investigation. First is that every time allegations of election fraud are made, Democrats are quick to say that there is no such thing and that the real problem is vote suppression by Republicans. Funny, though, that this investigation is being undertaken by officials from the federal government (President B. Hussein Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder are staunch Dems) and by the state government (Gov. Steve Beshear and Attorney General Little Jackie Conway are which party, folks?) so in this instance, it's Democrats investigating Democrats. And we also find it odd that most of the election fraud investigations and subsequent convictions usually come from Democrat counties.

The second thing we note is this: The fraud allegedly occurred in the 2008 general election. Even with cheating, B. Hussein Obama couldn't carry Perry County, which has one of the largest black populations in the mountains. Doesn't speak well of the Messiah's popularity in the Bluegrass, does it?


At 6:48 PM, March 23, 2009, Anonymous Soap Box said...

OK… This post just went from silly to absurd.

1st Why do you insist it’s just Dems buying votes? In Knott County (Democratic County) it was a Republican Judge convicted of vote buying and in Bell County (50/50 county) where charges were brought last year it was the Republican Mayor and his son who were buying votes with pills and cash. There are also persistent rumors that the FBI is coming back to Bell for the Republican Judge, County and Circuit Court clerks and some of their friends and family. They were all indicted / convicted / investigated by President G. Walker Bush and Attorney General Alberto “Sure Torture is Legal” Gonzales’ Justice Department.

2nd Do you really expect a chairman of either party would be stupid enough to say to you or an investigator, “Oh yeah, we dun bought some good votes.”

3rd Why on earth would you think that people would waste their money buying votes for Obama in Perry County, Kentucky of all places? By Election Day anyone who was paying attention knew that Obama was going to get spanked in Kentucky and beat McCain like a drum nationally. Could it be, it makes you happy to find any lame reason you write the name “Hussein?” Yeah, Yeah get over it. Everyone knows that President Obama’s middle name is “Hussein,” but you know what? He still won and won big… So get use to it for at least the next four years.

4th Clay County has over 10,000 Republicans and less than 3,000 Democrats. I would call that a BIG time Republican County!!! Eight people were indicted in Clay County two are Democrats and the rest Republicans. That sounds about right to me – demographically speaking. You did correctly identify that the President is Barack Obama and Eric Holder is Attorney General, but the investigation started under President G. Walker Bush and Attorney General Alberto “Sure Torture is Legal” Gonzales’ Justice Department and the U.S. Attorney is still a Bush administration appointee.

You have hit on a serious issue here and instead of trying to deal with it you just slung together a bunch of B.S. (Oooohhh Oooohhh “Hussein”, “Little Jackie”, “Hussein”, Mongiardo Perry County child pornography). In eastern Kentucky, vote buying is a serious issue and both Democrats and Republicans have been doing if for many, many years. As long as candidates know they can buy votes with money, pills, black top or whatever they will continue to represent us poorly.

We need to demand more for our votes than $50 and a pint. Both parties need to have zero tolerance for this type of action. Although, I disagreed with much of what President Bush did he does deserve credit for moving ahead with prosecutions and investigations of Republicans in Kentucky. I hope that President Obama hold Democrats to a higher standard.


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