Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lefty blogger cat fight!!!

We'd be lying if we said we held any of Kentucky's liberal bloggers in any sort of esteem at all. Most of them exhibit everything that's wrong with politics in this state and nation. The liberals don't have the answers for what ails this nation -- they are, in fact, what's wrong with this country -- and everyone knows the Democrats have mismanaged this state for years. For most of our lifetimes we've only had two Republican governors (and only one of them was conservative) and only for the past decade or so have we had one chamber of the General Assembly under GOP control.

We've railed against conservative cannibalism on countless occasions, yet we can't help but be amused when the libtard cheerleaders turn on one another.

Case in point: The ongoing catfight between Page One Kentucky and a handful of other blogs.

We've said before that we don't have any use for Jake Payne's political views, but at least he appears to be as intellectually honest as a liberal can be. He's been pretty harsh on Steve Beshear's performance as governor, Jack Conway's campaigns and a number of other Democrats who hold office in Kentucky. (On the other hand, he loves partisan hack Crit Luallen, quite possibly the most politically motivated state auditor ever elected in the Bluegrass State, but that's neither here nor there).

Payne certainly can't be considered a fan of the Republicans, but since the David Williams/Richie Farmer ticket has deemed it necessary to waste money advertising on Page One, he's come under attack for being a "sellout" because he accepts their advertising dollars while at the same time daring to be critical of Steve Beshear -- especially when Beshear actually stands up for Kentucky by blasting the Obama administration's anti-coal policies.

Blue Bluegrass, a blog run by an admittedly liberal state employee known only as "Bob," has been pounding away at Payne and Page One. A new anonymous blog, Jake Payne Watch, has sprung up within the past couple of weeks and the author there keeps hinting at some sort of bombshell that will totally destroy Payne's credibility.

We've even seen some signs of discord between Payne and the blogger who always appeared to be his BFF, the godless liberal Joe Sonka at Barefoot & Progressive -- the same blog that Bob at Blue Bluegrass likes to praise.

(A radically liberal state employee -- what a novel concept, huh? No wonder state government is totally screwed up, with liberals like "Bob" being the main cogs in the wheel. But that, too, is neither here nor there).

From a distance, we think it's fun to watch this split in liberal blogland. We still think that in total, the collective intelligence and common sense of all these liberal Kentucky blogmeisters wouldn't fit in an Ale-8 bottle. It appears that Payne is being critical of Democrats who aren't liberal enough for him (hence his frequent diatribes against Ben Chandler, who is darn lucky he still has a Congressional seat) and some of his detractors are yellow dogs who support their party even when its positions are harmful to Kentucky.

What will become of it all? Payne has filed a lawsuit seeking to know the identity of the blogger behind the Jake Payne Watch. That blog disappeared for a few hours but is back as of this writing.

There's a divide in the Republican Party between Tea Party types and some of the more establishment GOPers, on everything from the Kentucky governor's race to the recent federal continuing resolution deal. Democrats say they are enjoying that.

Well, it looks like we have our own little feud on the other side to keep us entertained. We admit to reading many of the Democrat blogs in question and truthfully, we all often feel like we need showers when we are finished and we feel like our IQs are diminished after wallowing in such liberal ignorance.

So just keep on fighting, libtards. The amusement you provide gives us a brief distraction from the ruination and misery you're inflicting on our state and nation.