Friday, April 25, 2014

Crit's big announcement trumped by the wait for another big announcement

So, Crit Luallen finally made it known yesterday that she doesn't plan to run for governor next year.

A few politicos in Frankfort and around the state were breathlessly awaiting her decision.

Everyone else in Kentucky, save for diehard Cardinals fans in Louisville, is more interested in whether or not the Harrison twins will return for their sophomore year at UK.

We can almost guarantee that the Harrisons' decision will generate more and bigger headlines than Luallen's decision.

Now Adam Edelen and Jack Conway and Greg Stumbo and the rest of the Democrats who lust after the Governor's Mansion can feel free to run without having to genuflect to the queen of Kentucky's Party of the Ass. Nevermind that Crit becomes more irrelevant with each passing day. She's been the shadow looming over the rest of the braying donkeys who want to continue to steer the commonwealth in the wrong direction.

Meanwhile, even with the departures of Julius Randle and James Young, the Wildcats look to be loaded next year, especially in the frontcourt. Some very good guards are coming in, and Dominique Hawkins has shown flashed of potential of being able to play with the McDonald's All-Americans, so even without the twins, UK appears to be poised for another special season. But given the way the Harrison twins progressed over the year, especially in the post-season, if they return, the future certainly looks bright for the Wildcats.

Much brighter than the state's future if one of the Democrats gets elected governor, that's for sure.