Tuesday, October 24, 2006

You reap what you sow...

So Joe Whittle and some other Republicans are whining about the perceived lack of help Gov. Ernie Fletcher is providing them iin this year's elections?

Well, what can they realistically expect?

The Republican hierarchy has more or less turned its back on the governor during his trials and tribulations relating to Greg Stumbo's persecution of him on highly exaggerated charges of improper personnel acts.

A few well-timed words uttered in public by prominent GOPers early on could have averted much of the damage to Fletcher, and by extension the Republican Party, but for whatever reason the party in most part declined to help the governor who has pretty much done everything party leaders have asked of him.

Since these fair-weather friends have obviously shown little inclination to help Ernie Fletcher, then why should Ernie Fletcher break a sweat trying to help them?

One of Fletcher's chief fund-raisers from 2003, who has access to a personal fortune, is already running ads in his bid to challenge Fletcher in next year's GOP primary. There may be other intra-party challengers, as well, who will no doubt have some financial support coming their way. Facing a fight even to make it out of his primary, it's in Fletcher's best interests to begin raising money now so he can fight the onslaught.

If Republicans are unhappy that Fletcher's not helping them in their legislative races this year, or if they are complaining that he's raising money in competition with them, then they need to look in the mirror if they want to place blame.


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