Saturday, March 31, 2007

So easy, even a reporter can do it!

We don't think that's going to become the new tagline for the GEICO commercials, but finding out the political link between fired Transportation employee Mike Duncan and Personnel Board hearing officer John C. Ryan was simple. It took us about five minutes to post that information, and most of that time was spent trying to find the Registry of Election Finance's home page by searching on the main state site, and then converting the registry's query results to a PDF and then importing that PDF into Photoshop, cropping all but the relevant Chandler contributions from the document, and exporting to a format suitable to uploading on Blogger.

If we, a simple little collaboration of conservative Republicans and Ernie Fletcher supporters, can take a few minutes to unearth and publish this factual information that colors the whole perception of the hearing officer's recommendation, then why can't this state's leading reporters put forth the same effort and then make a phone call or two to get quotes about this fact?

Even the GEICO cavemen could have thought to do this. Too bad the Stampers, Loftuses, Alessis and Heberts of the world didn't.


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