Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Too much time on his hands

Now that Little Johnny Miller is out of the governor's race, Mark Nickolas -- two-time losing gubernatorial campaign manager in Kentucky and proprietor of this state's most liberal blog -- doesn't know whether to poop or go blind.

He's stated that he doesn't plan to endorse any of the remaining six dog t*rds who are the Democrat race, yet he's basically demanding that Ben Chandler step up and support someone.

He's trying to turn the chairmanship of the state Democratic Party into a legitimate campaign issue in the primary.

And despite his claims that the Democrat nominee will have an easier time beating Ernie Fletcher than Anne Northup, he seems to have taken on the role of Northup campaign publicist. He prints her press releases and appears to be giving her campaign information, and it's very obvious that he, Northup and Greg Stumbo have been sharing talking points.

All that it might take to push him over the edge could be another lawsuit or criminal charge.

Nickolas is a cancer on intelligent political discourse in this state. It appears he's cracking up now that Miller Lite is no longer on tap. If so, it couldln't happen to a more-deserving target.


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