Friday, April 13, 2007

Courier-journal makes the same error Herald-Leader corrected

Remember this post?

In case you don't, we called the Herald-Leader to task for using the term "plea deal" to describe the order dismissing misdemeanor charges against Gov. Fletcher.

After The Conservative Edge picked up on this, the H-L corrected their error.

Well, yesterday the Courier-Journal made the same error in this editorial:

"He basically reneged on all that he had admitted just a few months ago in the plea deal that allowed him to escape indictment without trial."

Guys and gals, it is NOT a plea deal. Fletcher pleaded not guilty shortly after first being indicted and never wavered from that assertion. There was no "plea deal."

Will the C-J have the courage to apologize for the same glaring error that another media outlet --its main competitor -- made and apologized for?


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