Wednesday, June 13, 2007

And they wonder why we're losing jobs to Mexico

One of the few good things that has been accomplished for Kentucky during our decades of suffering under Democrat rule has been the recruitment of the Toyota factory to Georgetown. We'll give Martha Layne Collins credit for that, but it's one of the few accomplishments any Democrat Kentucky governor can point to with pride.

Toyota has provided a large number of good jobs and has been an excellent corporate citizen for the Commonwealth. People will carpool from as far away as Magoffin and Floyd counties every day because the pay is so good. It's worth the time on the road and the gas expense for these people to drive down the Mountain Parkway every day.

That's why the latest attempt to demonize Toyota by something called Kentucky Jobs With Justice is a bit puzzling.

This group wants Toyota to quit using temporary workers, at half the pay of the permanent employees. What they don't want you to know is that at $13 an hour or so, those temps are doing a whole lot better than a lot of full-time folks at a lot of other places.

This hostility toward a corporation that makes a positive economic and cultural contribution to Kentucky is beyond all logic. People wonder why the United States is losing jobs to Mexico? This is a prime example. If a company is going to pay above-average wages and yet people aren't satisfied and want more more more, it's not hard to get the impression that Kentucky isn't business-friendly.

We certainly don't want to see Toyota close the Georgetown plant and move its operations south of the border. Yet we certainly wouldn't blame them as long as efforts continue to cast Toyota as a malevolent entity in the Bluegrass.


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