Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A quick observation

It's been a busy few days at K-Pac Central, and we certainly intend to take a thorough look at yesterday's election results and the overwhelmingly good sense the majority of state GOP voters showed in choosing to keep our governor as our candidate, but we have one quick observation to share. With any luck at all, the results of the Republican treasurer primary will dissuade Lonnie Napier of any delusions he may have that he is statewide officeholder material.

Our hope now is that perhaps Napier will go back to Lancaster, be "primaried" next spring, and then fade from public life. He's never been one of our favorite Republicans. And the only thing more silly than that "Draft Larry Forgy" movement that flared up briefly over the weekend trying to convince Forgy to challenge Mitch McConnell was that asinine "Draft Napier" campaign that tried to turn him into Anne Northup or Billy Harper this year.

At the very least, maybe Napier will just vote the right way in the General Assembly and keep his mouth shut in Frankfort and let him be thought of as a fool instead of opening his mouth and removing all doubt.


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