Saturday, May 26, 2007

Yellow dogs should be euthanized, if not spayed or neutered

One of us had the occasion to talk to a relative recently. This relative is fairly conservative socially and economically, yet he's a yellow dog Democrat who was also one of the merit system employees illegally fired during the John Y. Brown administration and won a court case to be reinstated to his job. During the conversation, he had nothing good to say about Gov. Fletcher, calling him "not good enough to be a pimple on the a-- of a good governor."

It appears this man is set to vote for someone who, while serving as attorney general of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, had it within his power to bring a halt to the Brown administration's illegal personnel actions. (Remember that of all the indictments against Fletcher administration officials, only one was for the dismissal of someone already on the payroll, and he was still on probation and the propriety of that firing is going to be decided by the courts. All other indictments were for hiring decisions to fill vacancies in state government.)

Folks, this is what we as Republicans are up against. As attorney general, Steve Beshear failed to act when the Brown administration was firing merit employees left and right, yet Democrats personally affected by Brown's illegalities will still vote for the enabler of those actions. As long as these yellow dogs look only at that (D) and don't see the deeper issues involved with the way the Democrats have mismanaged state government and the entire state for decades, we're probably doomed to only have one Republican administration per generation.

Kentucky may trend Republican in federal elections, but Democrats love their power on the state level and their ability to play with people's lives and livelihoods. They don't give that power up easily, as their treatment of Fletcher has shown.

Forget about all those cats and other varieties of canines. It looks like Kentucky's biggest pet overpopulation problem is yellow dogs.


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