Saturday, January 26, 2008

And they still say the mainstream press isn't biased to the left?

It's amazing some of the tidbits you can pick up while reading the loony left's blogs.

A recent perusal of Bluegrass Roots turned up a familiar name in a post lamenting the fact that the Democrats haven't found a challenger for State Rep. Stan Lee's seat yet. In a list of Democrat contact people, the name Elisabeth Beardsley showed up.

The non-traditional spelling of her first name, coupled with that last name, rang a bell. And since Google is our friend, it was easy to confirm our recollection of where we'd seen that name before.

Ms. Beardsley is a former political reporter for the Courier-Journal who now works for the Democrats in the Kentucky House of Representatives.

Imagine that. A partisan Democrat liberal was working as the political writer for Kentucky's largest newspaper. Isn't that special?


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