Friday, March 07, 2008

Two new features

We alluded to our plans to expose some of the more far-out of the lefty loons that are popping up across the Kentucky landscape like wild onions in our late-winter lawns back when we discussed Paducah goofball Heather Ryan's crazy behavior at a Mitch McConnell appearance in her hometown.

We've expanded that a bit and plan to roll out a couple of semi-regular features here at K-Pac2 to shine a little beam of enlightenment and truth on our out-of-kilter world.

The first we're calling "Kooks, Idiots & Nutjobs" and will spotlight some of the more outrageous liberal participants in various Kentucky blogs and public forums. We'll give you a sample of some of their statements and demonstrate why you should view them with equal parts of pity, contempt and astonishment.

The second feature will be called "Bluegrass Embarrassments" and will point out some prominent Kentuckians who are often in the national spotlight on matters of political, cultural or breaking news interests.

We have honorees in mind for the initial round of both categories. Just stay tuned. And we will gladly accept nominations if you e-mail them to and provide some examples of or links to their qualifications.


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