Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A challenge to western Kentucky Democrats

Ever since Ed Whitfield was elected to Congress, you have claimed that not only does he not live in Kentucky's 1st District, he does not live in Kentucky at all.

(In Kentucky, members of Congress are only required to be residents of the state and not necessarily the district they represent. That's how Chris Perkins, son of longtime Congressman Carl D. Perkins, was able to live in Mt. Sterling, in the 6th District, while he represented the old 7th District of southeastern Kentucky).

If you do not believe that Whitfield meets the residency requirement to represent Kentucky' 1st District in the House of Representatives, then file a challenge to his eligibility. Present some proof of your assertions.

If you won't, or can't, then as they say on the Internet, please kindly STFU.


At 11:02 AM, August 13, 2008, Blogger KYJurisDoctor said...

It's true. One just has to be a Kentuckian, resident in the state.

At 12:29 PM, August 13, 2008, Blogger K-Pac II said...

Yes -- but Whitfield's critics are claiming that he does not even live in Kentucky.

They need to provide proof of that and put their money where their mouths are and file a challenge.


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