Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Freudian hire?

We couldn't help but notice that the Obama administration has hired an actor (Kal Penn) who played an Islamofascist terrorist on "24" a couple of seasons ago.


At 12:47 PM, April 15, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seems the Kentucky Council of Area Development Districts has hired a new director. The Council, based in Frankfort, is made up of the directors for the 15 area development districts in Kentucky. These districts play part in regional planning and spending of state/federal dollars. They have hired Russ Harper, son of Bruce Harper, big Dem donor who, along with his wife, both work for Richie Farmer. Russ Harper has apparently held numerous jobs even though he's young guy. Few months ago, he worked for House Dems and then was reportedly let go when new leadership came in. For last few months he worked as principal assistant for Beshear in Health and Families Cabinet. Rumor is that Larry Hayes (Beshear's cabinet secretary) was one of his references and was pushing it...see below.

Student claims 'phoney' scandal
By Alison Kight
Senior Staff Writer (1995-1996)


A UK student has filed a complaint in small claims court against Russell Harper, a former, unsuccessful Student Government Association presidential candidate and senator at large.

In the complaint, Han-Yen Anne Lin, an accounting senior from Taiwan, accuses Harper of running up a bill of more than $500 on a cellular phone registered in her name and never paying for it.

Lin said Harper signed a contract March 10 agreeing to pay for all of his calls before she allowed him to have the phone. Lin said she was wrongfully billed for $532.31 in cellular phone calls after she and Harper agreed that he would take over her two-year contract. The contract was signed and stamped by Ted Lahren, who acted as the Notary Public. Lin claimed

"In this case all I did was notarize an agreement for two people I knew and that's perfectly legal," Lahren said. "What it comes down to is if (Harper) owes (Lin) money, he should pay her back."e an agreement for two people I knew and that's perfectly legal," Lahren said. "What it comes down to is if (Harper) owes (Lin) money, he should pay her back."

Lahren denied Lin's claim that he acted as a go-between for Harper and Lin.

"If (Harper or Lin) defaults on the contract, then it's not my responsibility as a notary at all," Lahren said.

Lin said Harper eventually paid $400 dollars of the outstanding bill this summer but has failed to pay the remaining $132.31.

She filed a Small Claims Complaint with the Fayette County District Court on May 6 that named Harper as the defendant.

According to the complaint, Lin said Harper never paid any of the cellular phone bills as he said he would and when contacted regarding the outstanding bills, still did not attempt to pay them.

"(Harper) thinks because I'm an international student, I'm stupid," Lin said. "I don't understand why anyone like that would want to run for office in the student government. (Harper) doesn't represent the students."

Harper said Lin's allegations came as a complete surprise to him.

"I've never even heard of (Lin)," Harper said. "I've never even owned a cellular phone."

However, Lin has a hand-written and signed note she claims was sent to her from Harper. The note says: "Sorry about all the hassle. I hope everything is worked out."

Harper said he has used a cellular phone in the past, but it was registered in his father's name.

Lin's case was originally assigned for trial on July 11, but Lin said Harper has not been served with court papers because he gave her a false address.

Harper was not available for further comment last night.

At 5:24 PM, April 15, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kal Penn is best know for his role in the "Harold & Kumar" movies. If President Obama had a freudian motive in the hire, maybe he was looking for a wingman for 3:00 munchie runs???


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