Monday, October 19, 2009

General Cliched Talking Points

Could retired Gen. Wesley Clark have uttered more old, tired, cliched and patently false talking points than he did in this interview with the Herald-Leader?

How anyone can say that Democrats believe in "taking care of people" when they are voting for legislation that will cause energy bills to skyrocket and will result in Medicaid cuts?

We always thought military men had honor, and part of honor meant not lying to the people. Someone forgot to tell Gen. Cliched Talking Points that.

About the only thing Clark said that wasn't a tired old false talking point was when he said President Obama should listen to the field commanders when it comes to making a decision on sending more troops to Afghanistan. He strayed from the talking points on that one, for sure.

Horse manure isn't the only thing they'll have to clean up at The Red Mile after Clark's speech in Lexington. There's a lot of bull crap that needs to be shoveled away now, too.


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