Friday, October 27, 2006

Democrats in throes of power withdrawals, use dirty politics to reclaim power

Kentucky Democrats think power is their birthright. When the voters, in their wisdom, see fit to take power from the Democrats and give it to the Republicans, the Dems whine like spoiled brats. And they use every dirty trick in the book to get their power back.

We've seen it happen on a statewide basis with Greg Stumbo's persection of the Fletcher administration over alleged misuse of the state merit system. And it's happening in local governments, as well, especially in counties where voters have ended years of Democratic strangleholds on power. What's going on in Morgan County is a good example.

It's already been chronicled here how Stumbo and his cronies have opened a super-secret grand jury investigation in Morgan County, and how the Democrats have been floating rumors that the investigation concerns alleged misdeeds by GOP County Judge-Executive Tim Conley, who is up for re-election.

Now there's a one-two punch in "the Bluegrass county of the mountains."

As a Republican county judge in Morgan County, Conley's a rarity. Democrats have had a stranglehold on that county for years. Conley's victory four years ago was a resounding upset when he replaced the retiring Sid Stewart. But by being a Republican county judge, Conley found himself at odds with his fiscal court. All the magistrates are Democrats. And one powerful local Democrat, State Rep. John Will Stacy, has made no secret of his open contempt and dislike for Conley.

The Democrats on the fiscal court have fought Conley tooth and toenail over nearly every initiative he has proposed, but Conley has persevered. He has developed excellent relationships with federal and state officials and that has paid off for his county.

Morgan, like many small Kentucky counties, has financial difficulties. Conley inherited a great deal of bonded indebtedness. Paying off those debts has put the county in dire financial straits through no fault of Conley's.

Yet it was a sneak attack recently when the county's finance officer gave a bleak fiscal picture at a recent court meeting, then an out and out political ambush when the Democrats on the fiscal court voted to take everyday purchasing authority away from Conley and give it to a committee of three magistrates.

Oh, did we mention that one of the magistrates who conveniently was named to that committee is Conley's Democratic opponent in the Nov. 7 election?

This act came despite no damning auditor's report from Crit Luallen's office. And that's a surprise, given the frequency with which Luallen has injected herself and her office into local elections this year. But even without a Luallen prompting, and despite the fact that the state had always approved Morgan's budgets and financial reports, the Democrats on the court hijacked Conley's authority and gave themselves fodder for negative ads to run in the last week of the campaign.

Will anyone be surprised if in next week's local newspaper and on the local radio stations over the next few days, all sorts of ads come out accusing Conley of fiscal mismanagement? The ads will say he's under investigation for misappropriating county funds and the situation is so bad that the Democrats on the fiscal court, including the county judge nominee, had to ride in on their white horses to save the day.

Democrats in Kentucky just can't accept the fact that voters are beginning to see through them and not buy their lies anymore. Counties like Knott and Breathitt and Floyd may not be ready to embrace Republicans, but many other traditionally Democrat counties are. Morgan is one. Fleming and Owen, two other longtime Democrat strongholds, have also elected GOP judges in recent years. (We haven't heard if the Democrats in Flemingsburg have pulled any dirty tricks against Larry Foxworthy, but we sure wouldn't be surprised).

Quite simply, Kentuckians are getting tired of being under Democrat bondage. And the Democratic power elite can't stand it!

When Democrats lose power, they will do anything within their grasp -- legal or not, ethical or not, above-board or not -- to get power back. The attacks on Gov. Fletcher's administration are prime proof. The shenanigans in Morgan County are more proof. They simply can't realize that the people are beginning to recognize the failures they've been and are rejecting them and their polices. Either that, or they realize it but just don't accept the will of the people.

Here's hoping that Tim Conley fights back strong and turns back the disgusting, dishonest, out-of line challenges to his authority and his candidacy.


At 8:07 PM, October 31, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Before you start blathering about complete and utter nonsense, you should do your research. For one, whenever you say something such as, [the democrats stripped all of the power from the Morgan County Judge-Executive], it would be wise for you to footnote your sources. You are so blinded by whatever kind of GOP frenzy you've managed to cook up in that head of yours, that you obviously do not care what you say; whether it is credible or not. Personally for someone like myself, you're an easy target. Too easy. Are you from eastern Kentucky sir/madam? Do you make less than $30,000 per year in your household? I'm betting you probably do not. The Republican Party does NOT care about the people of eastern Kentucky; never have, never will.

The current Judge-Executive in Morgan County has been the most ineffective leader the county has ever seen. I don't care what you have to say about your take on things concerning the 'poor judge's' inability to work with the magistrates because of his political affiliation. He has been in office as the first Republican Judge in the county's history. To his advantage, he has been in office at the same time as Bush, Fletcher, Mitch Mcconnell and Harold Rogers. To the dismay of the people of Morgan, he has done NOTHING to improve the financial situation of the county.

For middle-class citizens, the GOP has done a superb job of helping those people see that they will probably never realize their dream--The American Dream. Just what in the hell has the GOP done to make this country better? Prevent gay marriage and abortion? I guess it's wrong for a woman to be able to decide what she does with her own body. If you're a religious person, sir, why can't you leave judgement between the girl/woman and God? Is it your your place in life to tell people how they should live? Are gay people such a threat to you that you've forgotten these people, are PEOPLE?!

The current judge is the most egotistical man I've ever seen. He credits everything to himself; even projects that were established before he reached office are somehow his doing.

Can you honestly sit there and say that this country's problems are caused the Democrats? Bush lied. Colin Powell was wise enough to get out while the getting was good. Condi was trying on shoes in New York as New Orleans was sinking. Rumsfield will not admit defeat--i.e., his horrific handling of the war.

Sure both sides of the coin have their shortcomings, but I would much rather see news covering oral sex in the White House, than the number bodybags that just keep climbing due to the fact that Bush just cannot admit that we're getting our asses handed to us in Iraq.

You have no idea of what you're talking about--NONE! Please spare the web a few kilobytes of this Neo-Conservative garbage.

At 11:09 PM, November 03, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In response to your comment about an "out and out political ambush" from the Democrats of the fiscal court to take everyday purchasing power away from Judge Conley and give it to three magistrates: At that particular fiscal court meeting, which just so happened to be held at about 7:30 AM, Tommy Phipps presented the financial statement to the fiscal court. After lengthy discussion, Judge Conley was the one who suggested that the court give the purchasing power to three of the magistrates, they did not by any means "ambush" him. Denzil Potter, and Conley's good buddy Frankie Spencer stepped up to volunteer to be two of the three magistrates who would oversee spending. When no one else would volunteer, then, and only then, did Mike Gevedon, who is Conley's opponent, volunteered to be the third magistrate to oversee spending. He even asked the members of the fiscal court if it would in any way be a violation or cause conflict, since he is Conley's opponent, and they told him that it would not.
As for your comment about how all sorts of ads will probably come out in the local newspaper and on the local radio ACCUSING Tim Conley of fiscal mismanagement and of misppropriating county funds - there won't be any ACCUSING, it's a FACT that this is true.
While I'm on the topic of the local newspaper, let me just say that I feel that the people of Morgan County have been 'poorly, maybe even cynically served' by the paper's editor & publisher, Mr. Kinner. He has taken it upon himself to be Conley's avenger, to inform the readers of the Licking Valley Courier of Conley's so-called good deeds, while putting a negative light on Mike Gevedon. Don't get me wrong, Mr. Kinner has every right to support Tim Conley if he so wishes to do so. However, I do not feel that it is right to print his biased opinion numerous times throughout several editions of the county paper. Correct me if I'm wrong, but is this true journalism, or just another form of "political chicanery"?
When all is said and done, let's just hope the best man wins for Morgan County's Judge Executive on Nov. 7th. And even if he doesn't, at least we'll still have 'The Peoples Choice'. Sad, ain't it?


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