Thursday, October 26, 2006

Who's cronying whom?

One of the most-repeated criticisms of the Fletcher administration by this state's hundreds of witless Democrats has been cronyism.

They base that in large part because LaJuana Wilcher hired Ernie Fletcher's sister-in-law, Rachel, as an executive secretary in her office. Gubernatorial approval was never needed for that personnel decision, but Wilcher decided on her own to hire Rachel Fletcher (an exceedingly nice lady, by the way) and asked the governor if he would be OK with the potential political fallout.

Nevermind that elected officials usually turn to those they most trust when they need administrators and advisers, the "cronyism" charge is usually one of the first ones hurled if a governor brings a close friend or confidante or business partner on board.

But if you want to see real cronyism in action, take a look at this: Steve Henry talks about candidacy; says wife will have a Cabinet position.

Shades of Hillary Clinton!

What a great way to effectively double the family income -- Steve Henry draws his governor's salary and Heather Turncoat gets a nearly-equal Cabinet secretary's paycheck.

Not only would that be cronyism, but a novel way to double-dip!

Another example of rampant Democrat hypocrisy at its finest!


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