Friday, July 06, 2007

Christmas in July

That's how one conservative commentator on another blog described yesterday's decision by Jody Richards and the House Democrats to adjourn on the first day of the special session, and we couldn't say it better ourselves.

While Richards may think he's done something great and glorious, the reality is that once again he's proven that Kentucky Democrats are too smart by half. By adjourning the sesson prematurely, he's played right into the hands of Gov. Fletcher and Senate Republicans.

While the House has gone home, the Senate will continue to work. The agenda items are matters that will prove to be a great benefit to this state. When the Senate passes this meaningful legislation and sends it to the House, those members will be AWOL.

Richards and company have chosen partisan politics over the betterment of the Commonwealth. If the state loses the jobs from the coal conversion plant, the matching federal grant for the Blue Grass Airport runway expansion, and the other opportunities being addressed in this special session, it will be solely the fault of the Democrat leaders in the house.

Although Senate President David Williams has said he won't get involved in a court fight to bring the House back into session, the possibility is likely that Gov. Fletcher will, especially if the House does not reconvene within the 72 hours required by the Constitution. And Richards is almost certain to lose the court case.

Despite the crowing from Democrats and their supporters, this is no win for Richards and the Dems. This has the potential to be a huge, sweeping victory for Fletcher and the Kentucky GOP. The Democrats have already been exposed for the partisan crybabies they are through their decision to shut down the house. When they lose in court and in the court of popular opinion, and when they have to explain to their constituents why their petty political acts cost this state several hundred jobs, they'll have so much egg on their faces that this state could eat omelets for weeks.

Yep, Christmas in July. Thanks Jody. And that's pretty paper on that package, too.


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