Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dems show their hand for '08 Senate race: "Mitch is Gay," they'll say

When Mitch McConnell first ran for the United States Senate in 1984, as a substantial underdog against Democrat incumbent Dee Huddleston, the whispers were everywhere. Democrats delighted in claiming that McConnell was a homosexual. His political enemies took glee in trying to tell the world that "Mitch is gay." More than a few of them delighted in using the same term, a three-letter word that begins with "f" or a six-letter variation of that term, that got Ann Coulter in trouble a couple of months back.

Over on that cesspool once known as, one brave conservative was called a liar for pointing this out in recalling the 1984 campaign, even as other posters were continuing to repeat the mantra.

The slime campaign didn't work. McConnell's bloodhounds chased Huddleston out of office and McConnell has served Ketnucky in a generally admirable fashion since then.

Although McConnell has rolled up three more victories since he first won office, the Democrats have never shied away from pulling that tired old claim out every six years.

This year, however, with the advent of blogs as an information (or disinformation, in this case) dissemination tool, it's reaching epidemic proportions. (See the above-referenced cite for an example). The moonbats keep claiming that McConnell has been outed, they have "proof," some big news is getting ready to come out, blah blah blah.

"Mitch is Gay." Is that what the Democrats plan to put on bumper stickers?

The problem is that while these rumors have been tried since 23 years ago and have never worked, one potential Democrat candidate has real live baggage just waiting to be exploited. Even the Democrat-coddling mainstream press in this state is dredging up the sordid details of Greg Stumbo's history as a deadbeat dad and unfaithful husband, not to mention his infamous "disappearing DUI."

Republicans are salivating at the thoughts of a teenage boy following Stumbo around at his campaign appearances, holding a sign saying "Where's my child support?"

Stumbo's baggage is well documented. There aren't whispers and rumors of big news to come and defamatory claims, such as the Dems are floating on McConnell. Instead, there's a legal paper trail and a paternity test.

We'll continue to laugh at all the "Mitch is Gay" posts. They didn't work in 1984, they haven't worked since, and they won't work now. If McConnell loses, which is unlikely, it'll be for some other reason, not because the loony lefties -- those who claim to love homosexuals and want equal treatment for gays -- keep claiming McConnell's gay and are trying to use it against him in a political campaign.

Lies and hypocrisy -- standard operating procedure for liberal Democrats.


At 10:24 PM, July 25, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One would hope such slander doesn't see the light of day. Would be just like what was implied, and not very subtly, against Mongiardo in 2004. Even though Bunning won, I doubt that business helped him.

At 7:58 AM, July 28, 2007, Anonymous Bill Adkins said...

Democrats will say Mitch backed Bush to the hilt in the Blunder in Iraq and continued to help Bush send billions and billions and billions of dollars and thousands of American troops to that Blunder while not taking care of business in Kentucky or America. The only ones who give a damn about sexual orientation or who use hate for political purposes are Republicans.

At 4:46 PM, July 28, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, then, Bill, why were the Dems talking about Mitch's masculinity all the way back in 1984?

And why have they ever since?


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