Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Campaign idea for Gov. Fletcher

Larry Dale Keeling may be on to something.

The well-known Fletcher hater weighed in on his (misinformed as usual) opinion of the special session over the weekend. Among his arguments against the session was his assertion that if the General Assembly approves the list of capital projects on the agenda, then Gov. Fletcher would have lots of opportunities to present ceremonial checks this fall.

We'd like to take that one step further.

If the House of Crybabies refuses to come back into session later this month, then we think Gov. Fletcher ought to make public appearances in every community affected by the loss of these projects. He ought to go ahead and present an oversized check, but that check should be overprinted in big letters with the words, "Voided by Kentucky Democrats." Then he could explain how the projects had to be cut from the 2006 budget because the state lacked the funding and/or bonding capacity, but how because of his administration's financial stewardship, the money was available this year and/or our bond rating had improved to the point where the projects were feasible.

But while playing politics as usual, the Democrats in Kentucky not only turned down the projects, but the economic benefits of the coal conversion plants and the beneficial effects of items such as the Horse Park improvements for the World Equestrian Games and the Blue Grass Airport runway expansion.

It'd make a great visual presentation, would certainly garner attention, and it would absolutely get the point across.

Marty Ryall or Stan Cave, if you're reading, get to work on this now in case the House leaders continue to act like whiny brats.


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