Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Horse manure

Not only is coal mining one of Kentucky's signature industries, it is responsible for employing hundreds of people in eastern and western Kentucky and contributing to the financial and business success of several counties and town in the state. Yet there are a number of people, mostly Democrats, who are trying to dismantle the coal industry without regard to the economic havoc they would create.

They claim their actions are environmentally motivated.

These same people are clamoring for allowing some form of casino gambling at Kentucky's horse racing tracks to prop up another of the state's signature industries.

Leaving the issue of why they'd demonize one of the state's signature industries while at the same time trying to artificially prop up another signature industries for another discussion, we think this "save the environment" line is worth looking into.

Wonder if anyone has ever determined just how much methane that horse flatulence puts into the atmosphere, and what kind of "carbon footprint" horses have and how much they contribute to global warming? After all, if cow flatulence is supposedly so bad for the earth, surely horse gas is equally evil.

And if coal mining is ruining drinking water in the mountains, what about runoff from horse poop in the Bluegrass?

Just a little something to think about on a cloudy Wednesday.


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