Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More whining for slot machines at horse tracks

It was interesting to learn today that Kentucky isn't the only place where the horse racing interests are whining that they can't survive without slot machines at the tracks. New York's horsey folks are making the same claim. And they're saying the Belmont Stakes, the last and longest of the three jewels in the Triple Crown that begins with the Kentucky Derby, is in danger unless something is done.

We have to wonder: Does the horse industry have a collective one-track mind? Is "slots, slots, slots" all they can think about? Are they unable to come up with innovative and original ways to promote their business? Do they have to rely on gimmicks to survive?

We find it very funny that people, mostly on the left, are trying to prop up what is obviously a dying industry -- one that is for purely frivolous and entertainment purposes -- that is said to be one of our state's signature industries, while they can't race fast enough to kill another one of our state's signature industries -- coal mining -- that is absolutely essential to our way of life; indeed, our very survival.

We fully intend to expound on that at some point in the future, but for now we just chuckle in amusement at the lack of originality shown by the horsey set when it comes to making their business viable and pertinent. Can't they be any more innovative than slot machines?

And we're still waiting for the Rand Paul supporters to weigh in on whether or not they think casino-style gambling is good public policy in Kentucky.


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