Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Naming rights for an evergreen donation?

Much ado is being made over an innocuous line in a press release referring to the prospective state Christmas tree as "the Commonwealth Holiday tree."

Why the Frankfort Plant Board will be retrieving the tree is something that doesn't quite compute with us. Doesn't the state have personnel and equipment sufficient enough to travel out in the state to cut the tree and haul it back to Frankfort? Why should the FPB face the possibility of having to drive to Pikeville or Paducah to get the tree?

But putting that aside, we've watched with amusement this week the furor over the naming rights to the new University of Kentucky basketball dormitory. The donors put up money to build the facility on the condition it be called "Wildcat Coal Lodge."

So we have a suggestion for all those would-be tree donors out there who have a tree meeting the criteria.

How about you give the tree only on the condition that it be called "the Commonwealth Christmas tree" and tell Steve Beshear and Jonathan Miller that if they insist on being politically correct for fear of offending a minority of Kentuckians, they can't have your tree but you will gladly provide them a few limbs that they can shove up their holiday anuses?


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