Sunday, October 29, 2006

Kentucky Democrat Congress candidates embrace 9/11 enabler Clinton

Last week, former perjurer-in-chief William Jefferson Blythe Clinton came to Kentucky to help the Kentucky Democratic Party raise money. Congressional candidates John Yarmuth and Mike Weaver couldn't wait to have their pictures taken with the man who orally copulated with an intern while Osama bin Laden's merry band of henchmen plotted an attack on this country.

Weaver, whose political ads use his retired military title "Colonel" without the "retired" qualifier, should be especially ashamed to have been so eager to publicly embrace Clinton. After all, Clinton had it within his power to prevent the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks from ever happening, yet he chose not to do so.

Regular listeners to Sean Hannity's radio show know that Clinton has publicly stated that he had an opportunity to take Osama into custody long before 9/11, yet he chose not to do so, because in Clinton's words, "we had no grounds on which to hold him" even though Clinton knew he was plotting an attack on the United States. Hannity has an audio tape of Clinton's self-incriminating words and he plays it often.

Weaver's not an idiot -- is he? Surely he knows of the existence of this tape and of Clinton's inaction, which ended up costing us so dearly five years ago, both in lives and in economic impact.

At any rate, Kentucky voters, especially those in the 2nd and 3rd congressional districts, need to know how Clinton's inaction led directly to the 9/11 attacks. And they need to be reminded that the Democrat candidates in those races, who are seeking to unseat two fine and honorable U.S. Representatives in Anne Northup and Ron Lewis, have embraced this 9/11 enabler.

It would be nice for the Northup and Lewis campaigns to grab a copy of the tape of Clinton's own words and then use it in an ad linking their opponents to the man who was so soft on terrorism. But if they don't, perhaps voters will get word in other ways (through the propagation of this blog entry, for one) and the news can be spread that if Weaver and Yarmuth are so eager for the support of a terrorist enabler, how can we the people be sure that they wouldn't be equally as soft on terrorism if they are elected?

Now more than ever, Kentucky and the nation needs a strong anti-terrorist leadership in place. And that leadership won't come from a Democrat-controlled Congress and it sure won't come from the likes of Weaver and Yarmuth.


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