Monday, November 06, 2006

Black helicopters disappear, Democrats complain about the lack of noise

As gas prices began a slow decline from their yearly maximum during the heart of summer driving season, Democrats saw conspiracies behind every oil derrick. Depending on which stark raving lunatic you asked, (1) the Bush administration was manipulating oil prices to influence this year's midterm elections, or (2) oil companies were playing tricks with the price per gallon to gain favor for the Republican incumbents.

Funny how reality intrudes on the wackiest of conspiracy theories, isn't it?

If the Democrats were to be believed -- which should NEVER, EVER be the case -- gas prices would have slid down past the $2 mark and would have leveled out somewhere around a buck and a half as we drew closer to Nov. 7.

Instead, prices briefly dropped below $2 before rising slightly last week.

Another goofy conspiracy theory shot down. We suppose that the black helicopters are taking advantage of the low petroleum prices to refuel, only to re-emerge over Democrats' homes and offices sometime before Christmas while pulling off another dastardly conspiracy.


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