Friday, November 03, 2006

Doug Doerting: Liar

In the weeks following the commencement of the merit system investigation last year, a fawning media made a folk hero out of Doug Doerting, the Transportation Cabinet employee who started the whole thing by turning over "evidence" of alleged wrongdoing in hiring to the attorney general's office. Nevermind that Doerting was one of the most hated employees ever to disgrace the halls of the old State Office Building or the new Trans Mahal on Mero Street, and that he has his own rap sheet of alleged improper conduct. The mainstream press deified him and fell all over themselves to publish glowing puff pieces on The Man Who Would Bring Down The Evil Ernie Fletcher.

In those arse-kissing profiles, Doerting continually asserted that he was not politically minded in the least. But now comes the revelation that Doerting has endorsed Franklin Circuit Judge candidate Phil Shepherd in a Frankfort newspaper ad.

Not politically minded, eh? You, Mr. Doerting, are a liar, plain and simple. And we thought you planned to stay out of the spotlight once this merit system investgation died down. So much for that pledge.

And as if there weren't enough reasons not to vote for Phil Shepherd for Franklin circuit judge? If the fact that he was a Cabinet secretary under the failed Brereton Jones administration isn't enough, Doerting's endorsement ought to be the kiss of death. Frankly, we'd have a hard time voting for Jesus Christ as the incumbent Savior if Doerting endorsed him.

Sudden thought: Has anyone thought to check to see if the e-mails Doerting turned over to the attorney general's office were legitimate?


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