Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Joke's on Kerry...

It's been four days since John Kerry made his ill-advised comments about the education and intelligence of the members of the United States armed forces, and the furor shows no signs of dying down. Indeed, it's taken on a life of its own, which can't be good news to the Democrats who were waiting with bated breath until next Tuesday's elections, when they felt sure they were going to reclaim at least one and maybe both chambers of Congress.

But with one dumb comment, the 2004 Democrat presidential nominee may have wiped all that out. He inadvertently showed his party's disdain for this country's military and our national security in one brief, illuminating moment.

The spin the Democrats are trying to put on Kerry's gaffe is nothing short of hilarious. "It was a joke gone bad," they say; "an attempt to poke fun at President Bush for getting us stuck in the Iraq quagmire."

The only problem is that Bush and Kerry have similar educational backgrounds, and Bush's academic record is a lot better than Kerry's. This fact seems to be a thorn in Kerry's side; one he cannot comprehend. Remember Kerry's infamous "I can't believe I'm losing to that bleeping idiot" remark during the 2004 campaign? Despite Bush's Texas dialect and his penchant for malapropisms and mispronunciations, the president is a lot more intelligent than the haughty Massachusetts senator and Mr. Teresa Heinz just can't seem to accept that.

So the "I was trying to crack wise about President Bush" argument falls flat in the face of the facts. What's left?

Well, really, nothing. We've since learned since Kerry opened mouth and inserted foot that the Army only accepts 30 percent of the candidates who try to enlist. We've learned that the average educational attainment for service personnel is higher than the country's average. And we've learned that the educational level for our all-volunteer service has risen since Sept. 11, 2001.

Kerry has made great efforts to point out that he served in Vietnam. The only problem with that is that the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth discredited much of Kerry's self-proclaimed record, and even called the validity of his service medals into reasonable question. It has become apparent that Kerry's entire time in the military was based on building a leftist political platform on which to hoist his quest for elected positions. His outlandish statements shortly after his discharge and ever since show him to not be supportive of the military at all.

Indeed, his comments this week are another reflection of the disdain which the American left holds for our service personnel and for our country's security and defense. Kerry and other liberals have repeatedly claimed that rich white Republicans are sending poor minorities off to die, particularly to enrich the oil companies. This is just another example of the class and race warfare and envy the Democrats openly promote. You can always count on a liberal to play the race or class card.

No matter how Kerry, his fellow travelers in the Democratic Party or their soulmates in the mainstream media try to spin it, they can't disguise the truth. If you are in the military, John Kerry thinks you are stupid. And his explanations for his disgusting remarks make it clear that he thinks the American people are stupid, too.

And perhaps some of them are. Anyone who accepts Kerry's explanation or says that it's clear that he was talking about Bush is showing a rather high level of ignorance. Don't believe it? Go to Daily Kos, Kentucky Edition and read the comments from the usual suspects. You'll get a first class education in Kentucky stupid, right there!


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